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About Us

Chem Tech Scientific Consulting Ltd was established in 2020 with an aim to support worldwide Defence organisations with consultation, pharmaceutical industries, health services and the Engineering sectors. Our mission is to supply chemical laboratory equipment, defence materials testing equipment , consumables, medical, pharmaceutical and health care products.

Chem Tech focuses on helping customers to prepare specifications for defence laboratory test equipment, directing clients to the manufacturers where individual equipment and consumables can be sourced from and training providers in the defence sectors to fulfil clients' training and educational needs. 

Chem Tech has a dedicated team of experts to continue supporting the clients' most demanding needs in the safety, transportation and handling of hazardous chemicals and technological fields.

Chem Tech represents and sells equipment and speciality products of many world-renowned manufacturers.  

Our Services


  • Defence organisations,
  • Pharmaceutical industries,
  • Health services
  • Engineering 

Products & Services

  • Consultancy services to Defence products testing, life assessment, safety and hazards.
  • Laboratory equipment,
  • Consumables,
  • Medical,
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health care products.

Our Partner

Our Team

  • Instrumental Scientist
  • Engineers
  • Health Care Scientist

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We are working hard to response your query in 24 hours.

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